Teach the Novices #lithuania


I continue to be disappointed by the amount of bile that flows through
LitvakSIG. . I am not referring to the off-subject posting fiasco of a few
weeks ago, but rather to the way some novices have been treated by at least
two core members of the LitvakSIG.

Sure, unrealistic and zealous ideas >from novices are not always enjoyable to
deal with. But every single one of us was there once. If someone is wrong, we
should explain why in way that would benefit the readers. Never should we
discourage asking pertinent questions or making earnest suggestions.

John Miller's translation of the proceedings >from the 1996 "Jews of Anyksciai
Conference" features a speaker complaining about "the Jewish need to
contradict". My thought was that this guy just might have a point. One of
our less admirable cultural traits is the tendency to believe that we rack up
"points" for being right- often at the expense of others. I sure hate to see
ugly stereotypes being perpetuated by our own actions.

The novices need to be taught, coached, and otherwise gently nudged into
reality. It is only with their energies and talents that we will continue to

-Bret Schneider
Portola Valley, California

SCHNEIDER, FRIEDMAN >from Anyksciai (Lithuania)
TANEFSKY >from Pilviskai, Marijampole (Lithuania)
GEDALKA >from Lagow (Poland)
SHAFFER >from Bodzentyn, Kielce (Poland), Chicago (USA)
HANDELSMAN >from Poland
Also specifically searching for:
Harry Tanner and son Eddie Tanner of Los Angeles (circa 1945)
Chana "Anna" Gedalka Shapiro of Brooklyn (circa 1955)
"Mrs. Barnett Silverman" (maiden name Tanefsky) of New York, (circa 1948)

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