Searching RUBINSTEIN/ZAK/BURSTEIN/MILNER of Vilna #lithuania


I am eagerly searching for a missing branch of my family. There are only 3
known family members of the RUBINSTEIN/ZAK/BURSTEIN/MILNER family who survived the Holocaust. My greatgrandfather's daughter by his first wife was Chana (or Anna) RUBINSTEIN, who left Vilna at ~age 16-18 yrs. and immigrated to the U.S. prior to WWI (~1912 -1917). I am attempting to complete a family tree and find Chana and her family.

Mendel RUBINSTEIN (had a brother and sister?):
with 1st wife, had daughter Chana RUBINSTEIN
with 2nd wife, Chaya Raiza KOWARSKI (2 brothers?), had four children: Frieda (married to Mr. MILNER-2 children), Ella (or "Elke", married to Lipman ZAK-2 children), Aba (married to Sonia-2 children) and Fania.

Contact was lost with Chana RUBINSTEIN after she left Vilna. Mendel died
before WWI or WWII. Chaya Raiza KOWARSKI RUBINSTEIN and all of her children
and grandchildren (except two) were killed in the Holocaust.

Itzchak ZAK was married to Hadas Judis and owned a crystal and lamp shop in
Vilna. Their six children were: Yosef, Frieda (married to Mr. BURSTEIN-4 children), Mayer, Lipman, Golda and Leibe. Yosef was a theatrical director, Leibe was a travelling salesman, and Lipman had a fruit store. One of Frieda's sons survived the Holocaust.

I would be very grateful to hear >from anyone to whom this sounds remotely

Shirley Flaum
Houston, Texas

also searching ROTBEIN, ROTBAJN, Chassidic family of Lodz and Warsaw

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