Re: Resources for maps - atlases #lithuania

Marion Hattenbach Bernstein

Marcia Silberfarb wrote:
I would appreciate titles of
books/atlases to show counties, districts, towns, villages, shetls, along with
other geographical features and also location of transportation routes, major
structures, etc.
Dear Marcia and other LitvakSIGgers:

I highly recommend Martin Gilbert's Atlas of Jewish History and Atlas of
the Holocaust. Your local public library also may have some detailed
atlases of Eastern Europe. While you're there, check to see if they have
Internet access. You can then find contemporary maps through such sites as
Mapquest that allow you to zero in on a specific area as well as historic
maps at sites such as the University of Texas-Austin's Library. Of course,
you would also want to check Lithuanian Jewish Communities, which has a
series of locator maps in the back.

Marion H. Bernstein

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