Final post for LitvakSIG elections - Part 1 #lithuania


Final post for Elections for the LitvakSIG Board of Directors.

All people noted by an asterisk (*) are currently serving in their
positions based on appointment by the current Co-Coordinators.

1 & 2. Co-Presidents: Davida Noyek Handler and David Blass Hoffman
3. Treasurer - Peggy Mosinger Freedman *
4. Chair of Finance Committee - Elliott Lipshultz, *CPA
5. Membership Chair - Richard Hoffman *

The Co-Presidents will appoint six additional Board Members, for
one-year terms, based on their experience and special expertise for
specific positions. The Board will confirm these appointments. All have
already begun to work in their roles. Their superior performance gives
us even more confidence in recommending their election:

6. Research Group Coordinator - Eric Goldstein *
7. Records Acquisition Chair - Harold Rhode *
8. Database Manager - Anne Rothman *
9. Discussion Group/Digest Moderator - Carol Coplin Baker
10. Publications Chair and Online Journal Editor - Judi Caplan *

There are also three important non-board positions:

11. Website Manager - (Position still open for nominations)
12. Archivist - Idafay Mervis *
13. Non-Board Finance Committee Member - Alan Lowe, CPA *

Abbreviated Biographical Summaries for these individuals follow
in Part 2.

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