The Stories Our Parents Found Too Painful To Tell #poland

Harry Lew <harlew@...>

I enclose the following information for any one interested. "The Stories
Our Parents Found Too Painful To Tell" by Rafael Rajzner and Henry R. Lew
is now available. You can read articles on it by putting "Rajzner Lew" into
a google search. This book is an English adaptation of Rafael Rajzner's
"The Annihilation of Bialystoker Jewry" previously published by the
Bialystoker Centre in Melbourne, Australia, in Yiddish, in 1948. The task
of getting this book into English was a three year effort and was performed
with the voluntary help of 22 righteous translators worldwide. Their
separate story is also included in the book. Anyone interested in acquiring
a copy of the book can contact me at

Henry R. (Harry) Lew
North Caulfield

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