Routes from Lithuania to W.Europe/England Disembarkation Ports #lithuania


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<< this is of no personal interest to me but may be helpful to
someone else.

Microfilm record #1737980 - Declaration of Intention #43 - Dated July 22,
1907 - PHILIP YOFFE - Age 28, Peddler, 5' 5", 149 lbs., blind in right
eye. Born in Kupesik, Province of Kovno, Russia, 2nd April, 1869, now
resides at Ann St. Middletown, PA. - emigrated >from Liverpool, England on
the "Servia" - last foreign residence, Kupesik. Arrived at Boston, Mass.
8th day of July, 1897. >>

What interests me is the social-economic history/social science behind
this post. How did he get >from Kupesik, Kovno Gub. to Liverpool? Did he go
direct or over how long a time period? Did he work along the route to
support himself? obtain money for passage etc? Did he leave a unpublished
or published writing i.e. Rachel Calof's story? How he made the choice betw
England, America, South Africa, Palestine or staying put in Kovno? If you
are interested in this aspect of immigration history, please e-mail me:
H. Elliott Lipschultz

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