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Subject: Board of Directors
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Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 21:40:43 -0400 (EDT)
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Can someone explain to me why the nomination list for the Board of Directors
contains not one name of a non-resident of the United States.


This is a good question because the LitvakSIG, while incorporated as a
nonprofit corporation in the US, is an international association, with
subscribers and dues paying members >from over twenty countries. The By Laws
of the LitvakSIG require that all Board Members hold positions which involve
the work of the SIG. Most positions require at least twenty hours a week, and
the Co-Coordinators averaged over 60 hours a week over the past 14 months. We
felt that the people who do the work should share in decision making.

Announcements of openings (with detailed job descriptions) were made
repeatedly over a two month period in the spring. Additional volunteers were
asked for at the annual meeting of the LitvakSIG at the Jewish Genealogy
Seminar in Los Angeles. This meeting was attended by about 300 people.

In addition, Davida and I invited and strongly encouraged active SIG members
from South Africa, Israel, Great Britain, Canada and other countries to
volunteer for one of the five elected and six appointed positions. We had
after all relied a great deal on Advisory Board members >from South Africa,
Scotland, England, and Israel for guidance through our first year of activity
as a SIG. While all of these people have agreed to serve on committees and
continue to serve as Advisors (should an Advisory Committee be reappointed by
the new Board of Directors), none wanted to serve on the Board. Their main
reasons were having prior commitments which would not allow enough time for
one of the Board jobs, and not being able to travel to the US to participate
in meetings at the Annual Seminar.

Please note that Idafay Mervis, of Cape Town, South Africa, has served from
the beginning -- and continues to serves as the LitvakSIG archivist.

One very important Board position remains open -- as our Webpage Manager.
Anyone with the technical skills which are required, anywhere in the world is
encouraged to apply for this position. Marion Werle has generously continued
to assist us, but has little time to spare >from her responsibilities as
President of the Latvia SIG. The website is going to develop rapidly, with a
lot of new material either ready or nearly ready to appear in the next few
weeks. Any volunteers? If you know someone who could do this, particularly
with experience and some graphic art skills, please help us recruit this
person who is so essential to our work.

David and Davida
Co-Coordinators, LitvakSIG

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