British / Lithuanian Immigration Records? #lithuania


I am trying to find the Lithuanian shtetl/s of my maternal grandparents,
surnames, ROME and ABELSKY. I don't believe they will be found on United
States immigration records, since they probably lived 10 to 15 years in London
before emigrating to the US. I've searched the all Lithuanian database, but
can't draw any conclusions >from that.

My grandfather, Henry (Karpel Hanuch) ROME, born c. 1874 in Lithuania, moved
as a single man to London sometime before his marriage (c. 1895), to my
grandmother, Eva (Chava) ABELSKY. I don't know whether the marriage took
place in Lithuania or London, but the first five of their six children were
born in London on or near Whitechapel Road, starting in 1897 until 1908-1910
when they emigrated to the United States. They settled in Worcester, MA.

Does anyone know where one might write for a search of London immigration
records for the years between, say, 1885 and 1897? I'm open to any other

Jacqueline Schwab
Rye Brook, NY

Searching: Karpel ben Reuven ROME >from Lithuania, Chava bat Meir Moshe ABELSKY
from Lithuania, Yitschok Isaac ben Sneur Zalman WALDSTEIN >from Lithuania/or
any country, and Marym Ester bat Avraham Abba MENKIN >from Lithuania/or any

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