Two small problems ?? #lithuania

Dalio Aronson <aronson@...>

Dear friends of LitvaKSIG.

In the first place I want to send here for all the brilliant ones and fighters
components of this important genealogy list and discoveries of our Brazil
wishes of A Happy New Year.

In the second place, I would like to know how to solve two small problems:

The first of them is that my e-mail moved. Now it is:, and I would like to know who to communicate
to do the respective change.

The second of my small problems is that thanks to List, I met one of the
most important people of the European Judaism, that he is Mr.
Patrick Gordon, of Paris - France, and as I had problems with my computer I
lost his e-mail address, and I need to enter in contact with him.
Like this if you could not supply me the address, perhaps they can publish
my request on the list, and if he still is a subscriber, he can answer me.

At once I thank and I wish that in the year of 5.759, this list, its
competent management, and its zealous subscribers, continue
forming the great fraternity to return in the great cause of preservation of our
traditional Jewish values.

Dalio Aronson
ARONSON (>from Stalingrado or St. Petesburg)
RACHEWSKY (>from Poland or USSR)
SAUT (>from Polland or USSR)
SCHEINKMANN(>from Stalingrado or St. Petesburg)
ASHNIN (>from Siauliai - Lituan)

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