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I have received a batch of documents >from the Kaunas Archives and hoped
more experienced folks could help me interpret some information in there:

--The research was on the Israel and Tumin families, of Slobodka and
Shrednik, respectively.
I noted that the same number was assigned to families >from 1834 through
1898. Such as #35 for the Israels.
But within the #35 in one case were people with apparently different last
names, such as Movsha SEGAL and his brother Borukh,.
Is it likely that the Segals are related to the Israels because they were
listed in that group?

--In 1874, the revision list notes that Girsh Nison Israel lived in his own
wooden house. It gives a location of the 8th section in the 3rd district of
Kaunas. Do maps exist that would pinpoint that location? This is the only
record that notes a person's "own wooden house." What other housing
arrangements were there?
--It mentions that Girsh's father was Peres Israel, a shoemaker. Is Peres a
Hebrew or Yiddish name (a la Shimon Peres?)
--In 1852, the translation fails to list women's names >from the Tumin
family--though the women's names are listed elsewhere. COuld the translator
have overlooked this? Or women's names not taken down in 1852.
--Two family members were listed as "missing." E.G., Itsko Izrael who was
"39 in 1834, missing" in 1850. What does missing mean? Did they go
underground because of the draft? Or were they simply missing and presumed
dead? Any guesses?
--What is the Army Recruitment District List? Are these men eligible for
the military or men in the military?
Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone waiting for records might like to know that the search for these
records was started Dec. 19, 1997 and records were sent out Oct. 2, 1998.

Howard Wolinsky
Flossmoor, IL
searching for ISRAEL in Slobodka, TUMIN in SHrednik and SHRAGON/SRAGON in
Babtai and Kovno

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