RABINOWITZ from Raseiniai, Lithuania #lithuania


The following information on the RABINOWITZ family >from Raseiniai was
obtained >from the recently published memoire by Victor Rabinowitz
entitled "Unrepentant Leftist". I am posting this for informational
purposes only as I am not related to or researching this particular
family and have no further data on them.

The family of Victor Rabinowitz, born 1911, labor lawyer, and his
sister Lucille Rabinowitz Perlman were:

Grandfather Rabbi Rabinowitz of Raseiniai (possibly Rabbi Avraham-
Shmuel Rabinowitz who died in 1906 mentioned in Schoenberg) had a son
Louis M. Rabinowitz, 18??-1957, born Raseiniai, came to the US when
he was 16 after death of father and married Rose Netter, daughter of
Jacob Netter who was born 1842 and died sometime after 1916.

Ann Rabinowitz

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