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I have been working with the Revision List spreadsheets which are being
prepared for inclusion in the All Lithuania Database. I am not in favor of
using "bat" and "ben" in the spouse field, though it may be helpful in some
cases. The reasons I am opposed to this are:

1. There is no Hebrew in the original records, so using these Hebrew terms may
confuse people about this;

2. The names in the records are not necessarily the Hebrew names, so taking a
Yiddish name and using "ben" with it is incorrect;

3. Including the father's name along with each spouse's name in the same field
is repeating information that is already in another field for the individual.
Every individual has a field for his or her father, e.g. Sora MIRVIS is
listed, with her surname and first name in separate fields, her father's first
name in the next field, her relationship to the head of the household, age,
then spouse are in their own fields. She is listed as the spouse of her
husband, and he is listed as her spouse, but to add the first name of both of
their fathers again in the spouse field using "ben" and "bat" just repeats the
information already in the "Father" field.

4. There is a "Comments" field in which the translator put information from
the original records about relationships, such as "Abram's wife," "Baruch's
daughter." So further clarification is provided here.

But on the other hand, I do see that it could be helpful in some situations in
which there are two people with the same name. If there are two Sora Mirvis's
in the same family, adding the father's name in the spouse field would
distinguish between them, assuming their father's have different names. This
is the case in only certain instances. It is a great deal of extra work for
these particular instances.

Sonia Hoffman
Woodland Hills, CA

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