Bialystoker Center Yahrzeit Card Index Now Online #poland


Dear BialyGenners:

It has been three years since this project to index the Bialystoker
Center Yahrzeit Cards was announced. Many of you may not be familiar
with this project, so I will explain.

The Yahrzeit Card database contains 3,984 index entries >from cards
maintained by The Bialystoker Center in New York City >from about 1880
through about 1994. Many Jews -- Bialystokers and non-Bialystokers alike --
memorialized their departed relatives and friends with Yahrzeit plaques in
the Center's sanctuary and community rooms. The Yahrzeit Card was a record
of the person's death and also served as an administrative reference
enabling the Center's office to send notifications of upcoming Yahrzeits to
relatives and friends of the departed.

This database is now online and can be accessed via links at This webpage
explains the database and the project, shows some samples of the cards, and
gives some background of The Bialystoker Center. The entire database can
also be downloaded as an Excel file. The fields captured in this database

Surname of Deceased
Given Names of Deceased
Date of Death (Secular)
Hebrew Given Name
Hebrew Name of Father
Other Surnames >from Card (relatives notified of Yahrzeit date)
US States/Countries (of relatives)

To obtain JPEG images of Yahrzeit cards for your family, please email me at with the full names of the memorialized people and
their dates of death. Please place "Yahrzeit" in the subject of the message.

I would like to thank The Bialystoker Center for their help and permission
and the following individuals who helped create this database: Tilford
Bartman, Steve Denker, Stephanie Carson Feldman, Lynn Franklin, Bobby Furst,
J. Michael Gilbreath, Henry Kaplan, Barbara Meyers, Gary Mokotoff, Greg
Stone, Kathryn Wallach, and Sid Zabludoff.

I hope this database provides some help with your search.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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