The end of the "Bar" / "Bat" discussion #lithuania


Dear SIG:

Its been a lively discussion. We knew that Litvaks would always have their
opinions. And the interesting part was, as Jerry Esterson put it so well -
"You're right" - "You're right" - and "You're right." Or, as Tevye would
have said "on the other hand, there is no other hand."

The newest and final set of Revision List instructions, starting today, have
been refined, and they have already been sent to our newest inputters. All
former input will be made uniform with these.

Thanks for all of your ideas. We learn something new every day. Now, lets
move on to other matters.

For your information, this is what the inputters will be getting. If you have
further comments or questions on this, please contact me directly. As our
moderator, Carol Coplin Baker has wisely said, the public discussion has

Davida Noyek Handler
Co-coordinator, LitvakSIG


To Inputters:

Thanks again for being willing to input via "cut and paste." I am attaching a
translation for . Please let me know if you can read it.

The data within needs to be correctly placed in the Revision List fields,
which are at the top of the file.

All original fields >from the records have been retained, and some additional
fields - which will be addressed in the introduction - have been added for
clarification. It will always be made clear to the researcher that these
fields are "Additional Information supplied by inputter" as opposed to
"Original information contained within the records." We will emphasize these
fields with an italic font, in order to differentiate.

The fields (in this order) are:

|| Page# || 1850Reg || 1858Reg || Surname || Givenname || Father ||
Mother || Age 1850 || Age 1858 || Reason Left || Year Left ||
Relationship/Head || Spouse || Surname2 || Other Comments || Day ||
Month || Year || Town || Uyezd || Guberniya || RecordPublication ||

The "Additional" fields, which were not in the original records are:

|| Spouse || Surname2 || Other Comments ||

This will be fully explained in the introduction to these Revision Lists.

There has been much discussion on the "ben/bat" issue. Its a lot of extra
work, but, since the maiden names of wives have not been given in these
Revision Lists, it will help further searches of Vital Records if we can
differentiate between the various Leahs and Yankels, etc. The decision at
this point is heavily weighted toward our inputting "Leah, daughter of
Shlioma" and "Yankel, son of Itsyk" - rather than - "Leah bat Shlioma" and
"Yankel ben Itsyk" etc., in the "spouse" field.

Please enter all translations exactly as they are spelled. If you have a
question on anything, in any field, mark with a bullet and put your question
in the "other comments" field.

Please keep all fields in the exact order of this template.

Each person will have their own line, and surnames must be inserted on this

Where two families appear in the same household, list the other family in the
household in "Surname 2" field. For instance, if LEVIN and GRINSPAN appear in
one family, you would mark:


In the case of abbreviations, please spell each one out fully - Unknown -
Died - Sister-in-law - etc.

If you have comments or questions that don't seem to fit anywhere in your
input, please insert an extra column called "inputters questions." We will
remove this column after the comments or questions have been answered.

The sample input at the top of this file is supplied as a guideline for your
input. If you notice anything that is questionable within any of these files,
please get back to Anne <> or <>
or to me <> so that we can take care of it.



We'll do our best to help.

Thanks again -


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