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I found what may be my great-grandmother, grandmother and my grandmother's
siblings on the ships manifest on the Ellis Island Web site. The ship is
the Caronia, which sailed >from Liverpool, arriving in New York on April
10th, 1905. The timing is right, as I was told by my grandmother's cousin
that they arrived around 1906. However, there are some discrepancies that I
hope someone can help me clear up. The "Place of Residence" is given as
"Grodno", while they were all born in Krynki. Are these towns close to each
other? In addition, though the surname is correct (Goldman), the first
names both match and don't match. What I'm wondering is if the
Anglicization of their first names may be causing this, or if I simply have
the wrong family. Can anyone who is familiar with Jewish names >from this
area of Poland tell me if the names might actually align, or if it's too
much of a stretch? Matching known ages of my family in 1906, here are the

Known Name Manifest Name
Gitel Goldman Gitel Goldman
Mike Goldman Meyer Goldman
Sara Goldman Schoose Goldman
Anne Goldman Hene Goldman
Samuel Goldman Samuel Goldman
Nathan Goldman Miske Goldman

I know that my great-grandfather (Gitel's husband) arrived two years
earlier, which is why he's not on the manifest. Any input would be
greatly appreciated!

Crilly Butler

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