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Dear Sarah:

Search the JRI-Poland database at

Two hints will make the search easier.

1. When entering the surname, enter as "[K]RIS" with the square brackets
around the "K", which forces only results that start in the letter "K."
And always use "sounds like" to capture spelling variations. KRIS could
also be KRYZ.

2. Set geographical region to Grodno Gubernia to capture only results for
Bialystok and nearby towns.

The names of your grandmother Sophia and her two sister, Faye and Jean,
are their "American" names. They most likely used Yiddish or Hebrew names
in Bialystok. Finding their graves and their matzevah inscriptions will
give you a better idea of their "Bialystok" given names and that of their
father. I think your great grandmother's matzevah inscription is probably
Chaya Lea, not Chaim Lev. You can search the JRI-Poland database for
"Chaya" and the given name of the father (without a surname). This given
name search may turn up some clues for you.

Good hunting.

Mark Halpern

----- Original Message -----
I need some help locating my maternal grandmother's (Sophia Kross
Kass) family. According to my mother they lived in Bialystok, she
believes in the actual city. She said when her mother came here the
last name sounded like Kris, but Sophia changed it to Kross. My mother
said Sophia's family was well off, that she believes there were 13
siblings, but not that many lived, and that her mother's father was a
Colonel in the Czar's army. Additionally, one of her mother's brothers
was a Rabbi.
Sophia came here approx. 1909 and then she brought over her two
sisters, Faye & Jean and their mother, Chaya Leah, came a few years
later. But their father & brother stayed because America wasn't
religious enough.
I am trying to find the original last name and what became of the
remaining family. ( I can't find my grandmother in Ellis Island, and she
did come through there). Their Hebrew names were Chaim Lev (at least
that's what is on my grandmother's headstone).
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Shelah Feldman
St. Louis, MO

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