Bialystok Region 1895 and 1903 Business Directories Now Online #poland


Bialystok Region turn of the 20th Century Business Directories (Vsia
Rossiia) are now online. These are the 1895 and 1903 editions. For Jewish
Genealogists, the more important directory is 1903, which has more relevant

The sections on the Uyezds of Bialystok, Bielsk, and Sokolka within Grodno
Gubernia have been extracted. There are 686 entries for the Bialystok
region. The directories were viewed >from microfilm at the Library of
Congress and the Slavic Library at the University of Illinois. Most entries
includes surname, given and patronymic name, street location and type of
business. The most prevalent type of manufacturing business, as expected,
relates to the textile industry. Typically, the service industries center
mainly on food but also include dry goods stores, pharmacies, book sellers,
banks, etc. Based on given names, more than 90 percent of the entries are

Read about these directories at

View the 1895 directory entries at

View the 1903 directory entries at

A big thank you tom BIALYGen Research Director Sidney Zabludoff for all his
efforts in creating these databases.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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