Attn.: All Kedainiai Researchers #lithuania

Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

Dear fellow Kedainiai researchers:

I have been asked by the LitvakSIG to try to organize an effort to purchase
the 1834 revision list and the 1874 family list for Kedainiai that is held
by the Kaunas Regional Archives. Each of these lists are a census of all
the families that were officially registered in Kedainiai, giving the name
of the head of household, including patronymic, names of wife and children
and other family members, and ages. The 1834 Kedainiai revision list,
which is 27 pages, is the earliest known list to be in existence for
Kedainiai at the Kaunas archives, which may help you trace your family back
to your earliest ancestor on record (although Vitalija admits that it is
"not complete"). The 1874 Kedainiai family list is probably the most
valuable and complete listing of Kedainiai Jews in existence. Without
having seen the list, but based on the size of the town and in comparison
to another shtetl in Kovno uyezd where the 1874 family list has already
been obtained, I would estimate that the 1874 family list for Kedainiai
contains at least 3,200 individuals.

The LitvakSIG has worked out a special arrangement with the Kaunas Archives by
which the archivists will translate the 1874 family list and enter the data
into a spreadsheet which they will send us on diskette. It will be made
available to all contributors and eventually be included as part of the All
Lithuania Database. The 1834 revision list will be photocopied and
translated in America by a Russian Jewish emigree who has translated
previous lists for the LitvakSIG. The estimated cost for both of the
Kedainiai lists combined is in the $1500-$2000 range, including translation
and data entry. Since the archives' fee for searching just one family name
is $70 (with waiting time up to one year), this is much more time and cost
efficient. Plus, it is quite an advantage for us to obtain an entire list,
rather than just extracts for certain families, because it allows us to
find other potential relatives with different names.

If you are interested in this effort, I would encourage you to make a donation
of at least $50-$100, since I don't know if everyone will be interested.
All donations to LitvakSIG are tax deductible. Checks should be made out
to LitvakSIG and sent to Peggy Freedman, LitvakSIG Treasurer, 245 Dalrymple
Road, Atlanta, GA 30328. Please put "Kedainiai" in the memo field so Peggy
knows where to credit the money. Also, drop me an e-mail if you are making
a donation, so that I can keep track of where we stand with our effort.

To those of you who have already contributed to the Kovno uyezd research
group and want to earmark that contribution specifically for Kedainiai,
please let me know. Because the attempt to find 1858 lists for Kovno uyezd
has not yet turned up anything to date, we are now taking a more
shtetl-based approach.

Thanks for your time and I hope you all support this effort.

Ada Greenblatt

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