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Avigdor Ben-Dov <a.bendov@...>

The town of Tykocin is not very large, but large enough to have its own
Jewish cemetery. But the question is whether or not Jews >from Zawady, my
home village, were also buried there? According to Tomszak, author of
Jewish Bialystok and vicinity, Tykocin was the burial place, at least up
to the 1930s (?). Lapy, another small town, allegedly also used the
Tykocin cemetery.

I am trying to ascertain where my gfather, Zvi Gersko (Hersh)
RUTKIEWICZ/RUDKIEWICZ was buried. His home was in Zawady as can be
seen on the hand-drawn map on the Shtetlinks webpage for that town. My
father related that a Jewish cemetery was only 300 meters >from the town
of Zawady in a NW direction (towards Tykocin), but Tykocin is about 14 km.
from Zawady so it cannot be the same cemetery!? So far, none of the
matzevot found or identified in Tykocin match the picture I have of the

Avigdor Ben-Dov


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