Dr. Lev STEINHAUER and other STEINHAUER survivors of Vilna #lithuania

K.& L. Bertelsen <klb@...>

Dear fellow researchers,

from our research via the Vilnius Archives we know that one of my GGGM's
younger brothers, Lippman Steinhauer b.ca.1850, had children, one of whom
possibly was Josel, b.ca.1886 Vilna, who married Chena Mikla bat Berko
SNIPISHKIER, b.ca.1880.

The 1942 Vilna Ghetto List mentioned :
Jossel Steingauer (furniture master) born 7.9.1886 and his wife
Chienna Michla Steingauer born 10.11.1880
and their children
Dveira b.10.10.1926 ? (described as a "hygienist" on the Ghetto list)
Lev b. 10.2.1926 or 2.10.1926 ?
Genrietta b. 15.11.1912 or 11.11.1915 ?

were all registered as living at Ligonine St. 4-9 in the Ghetto.

There were several other SHTEINGAUER/STEINHAUER names listed as being in
the Ghetto in 1942, most, if not all, probably being related toour family.
Also there was a Moishe SNIPISHKIER b.1892 listed living at the same Ghetto
address as a Lipman STEINHAUER b. 1904 - who could have been another relative.

In the lists of known survivors of Vilna published in the book Lithuanian
Jewish Communities by Nancy and Stuart Schoenburg, there was a Dr. Lev
STEINHAUER, who possibly emigrated to Israel after the war with his wife
Lidia nee Glosky/Glusky Steinhauer.

I have also seen references to two other Steinhauer survivors :

Isaac STEINHAUER - who also possibly emigrated to Israel after the war and
Lipman-Sochor STEINHAUER - possibly emigrated to England/Italy? after the
war - he was described as a businessman/merchant/dealer.

Do any of these names ring any bells with anyone? TIA.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho downunder
LAPIDUS Podbrodze/Paberze/Vilna/Libau/Paris/USA. KOUGEL/TRIPHIND &
SNIPISHKER Vilna.SILBER Vilna/Paris. YAKERBOVICH (Russian Duma).
ARONIS/PALM Libau/USA. STUCER Vilna/frmr USSR? POLYAK Vinnitza/Odessa.

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