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David Aron <davidaron@...>

I received last week the records of the 1858 Revision List for the Siauliai
district. The records will find their way on to the web pages soon but I
received them in advance as a project sponsor. I also received last week
(it was a busy week!) the records for Uzventis for which I had agreed to do
some input work. Interestingly enough I discovered ARON family members
on both of those lists.

I had always assumed that my family had come >from Siauliai. Indeed this is
confirmed by Jeffrey Maynard's very useful description of Siauliai which
mentions my great grandfather Rabbi Bension Aharon Aron. His date of death
according to Maynard was 1860 which accords very much to the revision list
that I got directly >from the Vilnius archives in 1996.

I had always wondered whether my great grandfather had any other family
in Siauliai other than his wife and children. As I believe that it was the
Rabbi's duty to do registration I had always assumed that some other family
should have been listed. Looking at the data for the region made me realise
that I had made the assumption that our families never moved >from their
home shtetl. In reviewing the two lots of data that I received I realised that
this was not the case and that the family had originally come from
Uzventis. Uzventis is only about 20 miles away >from Siauliai In all I
discovered 10 family members including who I believe to be my gg
grandfather Leyb Aron.

The reason for mentioning this all is that it shows what a powerful tool is
being developed and how it is likely to help others. An important lesson is
that one should also consider shtetls in the area rather than just
concentrate on one as I had done.

I would suggest that others consider contributing to this project. The
amount of data available on our families is awesome. You should contact
your district coordinators for your shtetls. Checks (with the
notation "for Siauliai Project in the memo field") should be sent to:

c/o Peggy Freedman
245 Dalrymple Road
Atlanta, GA 30328

Thank you to all the hardworking folk who are making this possible and
to our friends in Lithuania.

David Aron
London, UK

Moderator's Note: Thank you, David. The district coordinator for Siauliai
is Carol Coplin Baker

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