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steven weiss <szome@...>

Berl Kagan (Cohen in Yiddish) in his book JEWISH CITIES, TOWNS AND
VILLAGES IN LITHUANIA UNTIL 1918 (book is in Yiddish) provides a list of
369 Jewish village communities in Lithuania along with brief
descriptions. These villages (Yishuvim) I suspect will never show up on
the JGFF and is why we often cannot locate certain places on the
shtetlseeker or on any maps for that matter. They were simply too small
to matter except to those that remembered them. Perhaps the Litvak SIG
can list these Jewish village communities of Lithuania in honor of those
that lived in these places and in honor of Berl Kagan who made sure that
we don't forget all places where Jews lived in Lithuania.

Steven Weiss
Researching: Pazhelva, Ponimunok

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