Kelme #lithuania

Paul Fisher <fisherpaul@...>

I am one of those new readers of Litvaksig who wrote to uyezd and town
researchers/coordinators and received no response.

I want to know if there are 1858 revision lists for Kelme and if the
data is available? and is there a family list >from 1874 or some other

Last but not least, just how much money are we talking about when money
is requested for revision list data? is $40.00 enough?


Paul Fisher aka Barry Broude
Atlanta, Georgia

Searching BROUDE (Kelme, Lithuania) and Minneapolis, Philadelphia and
South Africa
KAPLAN (Kelme, Lithuania) and Minneapolis; FLEISHER (Kelme, Lithuania)
GRABINA (Wyszkow, Poland) became GREENBERG in Minneapolis
ZIMNOWODZ (Warsaw and Wyszkow, Poland)
SHER (Tolstoye, Ukraine) formerly Touste, Austria

Moderator's Note: Kelme is located in the Raseiniai Uyezd.
The coordinator is Eric Goldstein at
It is best to contact him with your question.

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