Litvak-oriented lectures at Seminar -- Part I #lithuania

Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

The 19th Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy >from August 8-13, 1999 at
the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City promises to offer many exciting
and genealogically useful lectures and meetings to everyone with roots in
Lithuania, and at all levels of research.

The following is a summary of the high-priority, not-to-be-missed,
exclusively Litvak-oriented sessions in the order that they have been
scheduled to appear:

Monday, August 9

8:00-9:15 AM
Lithuanian Jewish Genealogical Research - Ada Greenblatt will discuss the
various types of records that are available in Lithuanian archives in
Vilnius and Kaunas and will show examples of the information they contain.
Ada will describe the policies and procedures for ordering records from
these archives. She will also talk about sources for Lithuanian research
outside that country, including landsmannschaften, YIVO, and Internet

3:30-4:45 PM
LitvakSIG Annual Meeting - the agenda will include membership
information, introduction of our officers, recognition of volunteers, and
overviews of our records acquisitions via the Shtetl and Uyezd groups, and
the development of our "All Lithuania" database. There will be a question
and answer period so that those new to the field of Lithuanian Jewish
research can discover the compelling reasons for joining LitvakSIG.

Wednesday, August 11

9:30-10:45 AM
Researchers Organize to Construct a Mid-19th Century "Census" of Jews in
Lithuania - David B. Hoffman, LitvakSIG Co-ordinator, will discuss the
LitvakSIG district-wide research groups. Hundreds of researchers with
common ancestral roots have pooled resources to obtain revision and family
lists as well as a wide variety of other Jewish community records for 19th
Century Lithuania. Data >from half of the 14 districts of Kovno and Vilna
guberniyas has already been acquired. This data forms the basis of an
extensive and detailed enumeration of Lithuanian Jews and can assist you in
finding your ancestral towns and identifying extended families. The
rationale for focusing on district-wide records and the strengths and
weaknesses of this approach will be discussed. Questions about the
reliability of revision lists compiled by the Czarist government for
taxation and conscription, compared to records maintained by the Jewish
community (box, candle and property tax lists) will be examined. Exciting
new projects underway with the Kaunas Regional Archives, opening new access
to Jewish documents will be covered.

11:00-12:15 AM
A Rose(ngold) by Any Other Name - Dr. Alex E. Friedlander will note that
vital records >from many towns in Poland, Lithuania and other Eastern
European countries can be found in archives and have been filmed by the
FHL. But for other towns, the records have either vanished completely or
exist with gaps for many years. This session will look at less well known
published and archival sources in various languages that can be used as
alternative sources. Examples will include Polish records held in
Lithuanian archives and vice versa. Other sources include donor lists and
advertisements >from 19th century Hebrew language newspapers, subscription
lists, tax lists, correspondence >from the Polish Ministry of Interior,
business permits, internal passports and more.

Thursday, August 12

9:30-10:45 AM
Lithuanian Holocaust Names Research Project -- Dr. Saul Issroff of England
and Rose Lehrer Cohen of Israel will describe the Lithuanian Holocaust
Names Research Project. Researchers will have an opportunity to learn
about Holocaust resources and genealogical resources in Israel.

2:00-3:15 PM
Development and Production of the LitvakSIG "All Lithuania" Database -
Davida Noyek Handler, LitvakSIG Co-coordinator, assisted by Anne Rothman,
LitvakSIG Database Manager, will walk you through a demonstration of the
"All Lithuania Database." Conference registrants can access and search this
database in the resource room during the entire conference.

3:30-4:45 PM
Traveling and Doing Research in Lithuania - Experienced genealogists and
Lithuania travelers, Howard Margol, Dr. Saul Issroff, and Bruce Kahn, will
discuss some of the "ins and outs" of traveling and doing genealogical
research in Lithuania, whether by mail or on-site. Some of the topics to be
covered are: research references, archives, private researchers, travel
agents, guides and interpreters, maps, getting to your shtetl, hotels, what
to see, local contacts, and "etiquette".

Tomorrow I will post the summaries of a number of other important sessions
that will be of interest to the Litvak researcher, although not as
specifically Litvak-oriented as those listed above.

Ada Greenblatt Davida Noyek Handler & David Hoffman
JGSNY Executive Committee Co-Coordinators, LitvakSIG

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