JOWBR Update Announcement #poland

Nolan Altman

JewishGen is pleased to announce the first 2009 update to the Jewish
Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) database. This update includes
over 55,000 new records and close to 25,000 new photos >from 17 countries.

This brings JOWBR's holdings to over 1.125 million records >from over
2,100 cemeteries / cemetery section >from 45 countries! Although the
burial records are now "live," additional description files, maps and
overview photos for these new cemeteries will be made available shortly.

Of particular note in this update is the following:
* Maryland records. We are very proud to include over 31,000
records >from cemeteries in the Baltimore area courtesy of the Jewish
Museum of Maryland (
* Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska records & photos. Thanks to Terry Lasky
who has submitted records and photographs that he has personally created
or coordinated with other volunteers in these states. This update includes
approximately 2,800 new records and over 15,000 photographs.
* Indiana records & photos. Thanks to Gloria Green and her team for
the penultimate installment of approximately 2,700 records and 2,700 photos
for the Kelly Street cemetery complex in Indianapolis, Indiana.
* Bayside, NY records. Thanks to Maurice Kessler and his team for an
additional 1,400 records >from the Bayside / Ozone Queens cemetery complex
whose original records were documented by Florence Marmor and David
* Pennsylvania records. Thanks to continuing submissions of various
Pennsylvania cemeteries by Susan Melnick on behalf of the Rauh Jewish
Archives at the John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center
* Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Thanks to the JGS of Ottawa, Canada's Hymie
Reichstein and Bruce Reisch for the second installment of approximately
3,800 records and photos for this cemetery
* Vilnius, Lithuania. Thanks to Howard Margol for his submission of
approximately 6,300 post World War II period burials in the Saltonishkiu
Cemetery in Vilnius, Lithuania.
* Iasi, Romania. Thanks to Reuven Singer and his team for an
additional 1,000 burial records translated >from the 1887 Hebrew burial

We anticipate that the next update will be prior to the summer conference.

We appreciate all the work our donors have done and encourage you to make
additional submissions. Whether you work on a cemetery / cemetery section
individually or consider it a group project for your local Society, temple
or other group, it's your submissions that help grow the JOWBR database and
make it possible for researchers and family members to find answers they
otherwise might not. Please also consider other organizations you may be
affiliated with that may already have done cemetery indexing that would
consider having their records include in the JOWBR database.

Nolan Altman
JOWBR - Coordinator

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