Re: Olkenik = Valkeninki #lithuania


Dear Cliff,

If you can figure out who your Voronova family is, let me know. Alan
Berkowitz , one of my wife's many cousin's grandfather was the keeper of the Pinkas (Journal) of Voronova. He was a survivor of the Shoah and after the war he recreated the Pinkas in a D.P. Camp in Austria. Alan translated this >from Yiddish and we have given copies to Betar House in Israel, the
Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., many relatives and also to Jack
Gottlieb, the webmaster for Voronova. Jack says that eventually he will get the whole thing on the Voronova web page.

In the meantime, if you will let me know your family surname(s) I will be glad to check on them for you in the Pinkas. Incidentally, <Jgottlieb@...> is Jack's e-mail address.

If there are references I'll excerpt them and e-mail them to you.

Also, we are looking for contributions to translate and make accessible through the All-Lithuania Database the 1858 Revision List for the Lida District, which includes Voronova. A total of $5,000 is needed, although a good portion of this has already been collected. Any contribution would be welcome, but those who contribute $100 or more will receive an Excel file of the entire Lida District database for personal research. If you can make a contribution, please contact <Jrbaston@...> who is project manager. Thank you.


Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

P.S. This offer & request is for all Litvaksiggers with mishpacha in
Voronova(even though Voronova is not now in Litvakia)


In addition to Voronova, the following towns are included in the Lida District 1858 Revision List: Lida, Beletsy, Vasilishki, Zhaludok, Nowy Dwor, Orlya, Shchuchin, Radun, Rozhanka, Eishishok, and Ostrynia.

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