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<< Siegel is a German word that is NOT an acronym for
Segan Leviyah. SEGAL/L is that acronym. I learned that >from my
Levite grandfather. I think that siegel means sign in German. Since
your family are not Levite, that probably confirms that the name
Siegel was the German word. >>

While I'm loathe to say that anyone's grandfather was mistaken, I'm afraid
that's the case. While there may be a German word Siegal (altho' if there is
I'm not familiar with it) this does _not_ mean that SIEGAL cannot be an
acronym for S'gan Levi. First, the initial vowel sound is not relevant.
Second, even if it were relevant vowels (and often consonents) changed all
the time as people moved >from one place to another. My g-g-gfather's name
was Segal/etc......yet my g-uncle was SIEG_E_L, one set of cousin's are
SIEG_A_L, and another are SEGAL.
It's generally pretty difficult to generalize about different spellings
having different meanings when the people who used/took the names rarely
wrote them and, when they did, it was never in English.

Robert Strumwasser (not that it matters, also a Levite)
Sharon, MA, USA

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