Links from metrical records? #lithuania

Howard Margol

<<From: Morton and Esther Cohen <cohenme@...>

The discussion in the Digest for Thursday, March 16, 2000. detailing the
format of metrical records was most informative. A follow on question:

Are these several metrical records, in separate log books. linked in some
fashion. i.e. does finding a specific individual in a Tax list make it
possible for the archives to extend >from this record to other records such
as birth, marriages, etc ?>>

I am afraid the answer to the above question is "No". The record itself does not link directly to other records. The information contained in a record may enable one to find other records. The age of a person as listed on a revision list may give you the year in which the individual was born.

With this information, and providing the age listed is correct, you may be able to find the birth record for that individual. Providing, that is, if the original birth record still exists.

While one record will not automatically link you to another record, the
information contained therein may enable you to do so.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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