civil marriage in Vienna #austria-czech

Vera Finberg <vera.finberg@...>

My question on where to find the marriage of a non-practicing Jew and
a Christian (Alt-Katholisch) in Vienna in the early 1930's had helpful
responses >from the Magistas Office in Vienna, Celia Male, Randy Schoenberg,
Henry Wellisch and Heinz Hadwig.

To summarize:
Austria was very advanced in the civil registration of marriages and
eventually the introduction of the term "Konfessionslos". One could
enter a Konfessionslos marriage after 1868. There are *Konfessionlos*
marriage books in the archives in Vienna. They date back to at
least 1875 and probably >from 1868. In most cases, at least one of the
parties was Jewish.

The marriage would have been legalised at the Magistrat. Konfessionslos
meant one did not have to pay the Kulturssteur to support the appropriate
religious body.

Henry Wellisch has seen many records in the Vienna Jewish marriage records
where one party was Konfessionslos. I believe I also found my great-uncles
marriage in 1912 where one party (the wife, not Jewish?) was Konfessionslos.

To obtain information >from the Konfessionslos records one can write to:
Magistratsabteilung 35
Abt.: Personenforschung
Dresdnerstrasse 91
1200 Vienna/Austria

You must pay for this service. Minimum is 43.- Euro.
(appr. 65$) As minimum data are full name and birth date (husband!)

The archives also have the Alt-Katholisch birth, marriage and death
records >from 1878-1938. There are privacy restrictions if one cannot
give the date of death of both parties. If the peoplewere born before
1897, then the restrictions do not apply.

My approach will be to start with the LDS films of the Jewish marriage
records and hope the record is there before paying the 43 Euro.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA
BONDY - Dolni Mesto/Lipnice, Vienna
FLUSS Pribsylav & Polna, Czech Republic
THIEBEN- Rousinov/Rakovnik, Czech Republic
KOHNER - Vseruby, Czech Republic/Budapest/Vienna
STIEDRY - Golcuv Jenikov, Czech Republic
SYNEK - Mlada Vozice, Czech Republic
ABELES - Luchovice, Czech Republic

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