Majer/Meier INGBERG, Polna 19 or Polnej 17 #poland

Elizabeth Jackson

Dear members,

I have asked a long time ago for assistance in researching my INGBERG
familyof Bialystok, but as it has been some time and I still am at a
dead end, I am asking once again.

My great uncle was Majer INGBERG. His address on 5 August 1937 (and
from 1933 or before, I believe) was Polna 19 or 17, Bialystok. I have
been unable to locate any information on Majer INGBERG.

Here is what I know:
Majer Ingberg was probably born in Warsaw, as his brother Hirsch Wolf
INGBERG (my grandfather) was born in Warsaw. It is believed that Hirsch
and Majer also had a sister (possibly two), but I have found no
confirmation of this. Majer owned a factory/shop in Bialystok which
made leather goods. He had three sons (one named Moshe) and one daughter
(possibly named Paula). My mother said that the daughter did not look
like the sons, that she was not very smart; she was in several jobs at
the factory but never lasted in any of them; the family tried to get
her married. It is believed that one of Majer's sons lived in Warsaw.

I have a photo of an INGBERG engagement party in Bialystok which is the
celebration of the engagement of one of Majer's sons, we believe Moshe,
who was to marry a teacher. Included in the photo is their Russian maid.
I will post this soon to Viewmate, but if you are interested, contact me
privately and I can email a scan of the photo to you.

In 1933, my grandfather, who was living in Minden Germany at the time,
requested to go visit his brother in Bialystok. Included with the
request is a copy of a medical note >from a Dr. H. Lukaczewski (line
through first "l") of Bialystok indicating that Majer was suffering
from arteriosclerosis. The address for Majer is either Polna 19 or 17.
from the Bialystok 1939 telephone directory, there are the following

Indurski Szaja, m., Polna 17
Szalmuk Ajzyk, m. Polna 19
Tabaczynski Hirz, m., Polna 17

This leads me to believe that Polna 17 and/or 19 consisted of multiple
dwellings/apartments. Can anyone confirm this?

I have searched all the normal sources, but cannot find any information
at all on the INGBERGs of Bialystok. Interestingly, the only information
I have found >from Warsaw are birth records for two of Hirsch Wolf
INGBERG's children.

Please, if anyone can provide any assistance in locating information on
the INGBERG family, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you everyone!
Elizabeth Jackson
Muskegon MI, USA


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