New Issue of Success! Stories is Posted on JewishGen #poland

Phyllis Kramer

We're pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the
JewishGen SUCCESS! STORIES webzine. You can access these stories from
the 'About Us' button on our homepage, or by following this link:
< >.

Meredith Hoffman and Nancy Siegel have worked with the authors to
edit these stories of ancestor and family connections made through
JewishGen -- the kinds of success stories we regularly read about
on the JewishGen mailing lists and discussion groups. This issue
highlights the international scope of JewishGen, with contributors
from New Zealand and Italy, Israel, and Scotland. And our new column,
'>from Our Mailbox...,' features brief stories we've received from
JewishGenners >from Canada, France, and the United States.

Several years ago, JewishGen Vice President Michael Tobias played a
critical role in one of our more intriguing stories of reconnection,
literally thanks to JewishGen. Michael tells of the startling
coincidences and the exciting role that he played in bringing together
two cousins who had last seen one another in 1940, and who each had
reason to believe that the other had perished in the Holocaust.

Geoff Isaacs and Laurie Rappeport tell two sides of another
fascinating, and different, story of discovery and connection.
In his sixties when he first learned the truth about his origins,
Geoff traveled >from New Zealand to the UK searching for more
information. Then, using the JewishGen Family Finder, Geoff
connected with Laurie, who'd waited ten years to find any others
researching her great-grandfather's family of Birmingham, England.
The cousins met, and the story ends with a satisfying twist.

Four brief stories in '>from Our Mailbox...' highlight successes made
by Debbie Kopstein Burr, Judith Elam, Edmond Cohen and Rachelle Leaf

We're sure you'll be inspired by these stories and we encourage you to
send Meredith and Nancy your own success stories for possible future
publication (their email address is

Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc

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