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Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

Robert, I share your frustration. I have been searching the ALD since it
came on line for information on ABRAMS or ABRAMOVITCH (in all its possible
spelling variations and in Soundex) and for given name combinations of both
Hebrew and Yiddish names of the members of this family. I am a contributor
to the translation project of the Siuliai uyezd, where their ancestral town
(Vieksniai) is located. As a result I have lists that have not yet posted
to the ALD that contain well over 2,000 names. Nevertheless, I have not
found a single reference to any name that could be considered a "hit".

I have considered several factors which may conribute to my lack of
success. Some may apply to you. A major factor is that only a fraction of
the names are available. The ALD lists and the various lists that I have
received prior to posting contain many repetitions of the same names so the
total number of unique names is considerably less than totals shown. Berl
Kagan's book shows that Jewish population of Vieksniai alone varied from
over 1100 to over 2600 people during the last half of the 19th century.
The ALD has 432 names in the Revision list and 307 in all other lists
combined, at least half of which must be repeats.

Another factor is that the names that appear on many of the lists are those
of people who had enough money to pay taxes, subscribe to relief efforts,
and otherwise make contributions and payments. To my dismay, my family was
among the many who did not get on such lists. They were probably on lists
that were destroyed in the fire that burned down half of the shtetl in 1886.

I also may be looking for my needles in the wrong haystack. Although there
are several references (personal correspondence >from 2 different
contemporaries of my ggf and his death certificate) to Vieksniai as the
ancestral town for at least 3 generations they may actually be registered
elsewhere. For example, in the town that my gggf came >from or in the town
of origin of my gggm or ggm.

We will just have to keep looking and hope that the ALD will be expanded
quickly before *my* name appears on some ancestor list.

Good luck.

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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