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Knud and Lorraine Bertelsen <klb@...>

Further to David Hoffman's message dated 8th January 2001, in which he
referred to modern wills in the Kaunas Archives, he also said :

<<<Another exciting finding regarding these wills is that they include
many surnames that have not appeared on other documents which Vitalija has
researched in the Kaunas Regional Archives. This is because many lawyers,
doctors, wealthy merchants >from various towns, and even clerks and other
educated people who had been excluded >from the revision and family lists
because of their status...>>>

This is the first time I have heard about the possibility that the names of well-known or educated people (and their families?) might have not been recorded on revision or family lists because of their status.

Can anyone please comment further on this?

I am puzzled by the absence of the name in the Odessa records of one of my
late GF's sisters. She was an opera singer and perished in the Odessa
Ghetto, but although Galina was able to find many records relating to my
GF's family, she was unable to find any reference to his murdered sister,
who was born in ca. 1898 in Odessa. This is strange as Galina was able to
find my GGPs' 1894 marriage record, and the birth records of my GF (1894)
and his other 3 siblings in 1902, 1908 and 1912, plus some earlier records
from the mid-1870s, and my Mother's 1921 birth record.
Would this "removal" or "non-listing" of records relating to certain
people of "high" status have been generally practised, under the Tsars, and/or perhaps just under the Bolsheviks/Communists?

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho Downunder

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