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<< The individuals who were responsible for the Shoah in Alytus
are mostly gone, but the new Lithuanian government has apologized for
the role of Lithuanians in the Shoah and is at least making an effort.
I merely passed the invitation on. No doubt, some will see this as a
sham; some will see an effort to make amends. >>

It would be appropriate to take back to Alytus, for permanent display in that town, a set of photographs taken by an entering German soldier as the Germans entered that "first Lithuanian town" in their Eastward advance in 1941. Prominent in this series of snapshots are photos of "Lithuanian patriots" liberating the shoe factory of the Jewish owners. The photos of these "patriots" displaying their "booty" should be prominently displayed. Is the Vice Mayor offering to restore these factories to their rightful owners?

I saw these photographs at the National Archives' Photographic Archive in
Washington DC.

Robert Weiss in Northridge, CA

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