Map of Wilno #lithuania


I am currently in possession of a 1935 map of Wilno (Vilna), Poland.
Surrounding the city are the following names in bold letters: Rybaki,
Tuskulanum, Antokol, Gory Sapiezynskie, Kominy, Nowy Swiat, Szkaplerna, Wawozy as well as a number of others.

My questions is: are these the names of Shtetlach surrounding Wilno,
or are they parts of the city itself, such as the Bronx or Manhatten are to NY City ? Please respond to me privately.

If I can look up a street name, or one of these locations for anyone,
please feel free to contact me. Thank you for any help you can provide in
answering the above.

Fred Klein
N. Falmouth, MA

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