1588 newly translated Kaunas Uyezd records #lithuania


Today, the Kaunas District Research Group contributors received
3 new sets of records:

Josvainiai 1906 Municipal Electors
Kaunas 1855 Real Estate Taxes
Krakes 1849 Taxes
Vandziogala 1845 Box Tax
Vandziogala 1855 Real Estate Tax
Vandziogala 1869 Candle Tax
Vandziogala 1908 Box Tax = Total of 418 records

Krakes 1852 Craftsmen's List = 120 records

Kaunas 1914 Army Draft List = 1050 records

Making a total of 1588 records.

Because of their generous support, which has made the acquisitions of these lists possible, they will have several months to search the lists before the data in them shows up on the ALD.

If you are a Kaunas contributor, and have not received these files, please
let us know. And if you are not a Kaunas contributor, but would like to be, please send your donation to the address listed at the bottom of this Digest.

Davida Noyek Handler
President, LitvakSIG

(and still "temporary" Kaunas coordinator)

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