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Michael Goldstein

What does Oct 29 to Nov 26 2011 have in common with IAJGS, your JGS, your
SIG, you and the Jewish Genealogy? If your answer was that this is the
Hebrew month of Cheshvan you are right in part. It is also International
Jewish Genealogy Month and an opportunity and vehicle to have our
communities focus on Jewish Genealogy and our JCCs, our SIGS and our

This year's International Jewish Genealogy Month Committee will be chaired
by Nancy Adelson of Seattle who will be joined by Rabbi Garry Gans of New
Jersey, Howard Morris of Boston, Jeanette Rosenberg of England and Garri
Regev of Jerusalem. We are still looking to expand the committee and get
volunteers to ensure a success so if you have any ideas let me know.

And though our focus is a month of great programs, our annual poster is an
anchor. Details of the poster contest for which a June 15th submission date
has been established, are to be found at our website www.iajgs.org and will
be elaborated on by Nancy.

So start thinking of International Jewish Genealogy Month whether you live
in Los Angeles, Toronto, Liverpool, Ra'anana, Johannesburg, Paris or
Melbourne. Your fall programs are right around the corner.

Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein
President IAJGS

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