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Fred Klein wrote:

While going through my old family photos >from the 1920's, of family members in Vilna, I noticed a number of photocards that had the following names stamped on the front of the cards: M.Maskin - Vilno, D.Alliber, Wilno and M.Lewin, Suwalska 15.

One place to check about business in Vilna and other areas of Vilna Gubernia that were part of Inter-war Poland in the 1920s is the 1929 Polish Business Directory. A town index to this directory was created by Jewish Records Indexing-Poland and the images of the pages themselves have been placed on the web through JewishGen.

Checking page 2127 of this directory, under the listing "Fotograficzne
Zaklady" (Photographs), one can find two of the three photographers you

Mendel Maskin at Wilenska 36

Sara Aliber at Kijowska 18.

There is no Lewin listed, nor any photographer on Suwalska St. Either that
business had changed or the photographer may have been in another

You can find the link to the 1929 Polish Business Directory on the JRI-Poland homepage at

You can also find Mendel Maskin's listing in the 1915 Vsia Vilna Business
Directory by searching the All-Lithuania Database.

Best wishes,

Judy Baston

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