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I have just received a copy of Rachel Kostanian-Danzig's 'Spiritual
Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto' . The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum:
Vilnius, 2002 isbn9986-9387-2-4. pp. 134.

This is an outstanding book, produced to a very high design and typographic standard. It describes the process of how the intellectual leaders of the ghetto, despite the enormous pressures of trying to exist in the ghetto, managed to resist dehumanisation as far as possible.

There is a short historical background to the ghetto establishment and the
Holocaust in Lithuania. There is a section dealing with armed resistance.

But the main emphasis is on how the day to day activities in the ghetto
were structured in such a way that people kept up hope and dignity.

A section dealing with culture in the ghetto- the music school, the
teachers, the ordinary school festivals, and the process of education that
carried on daily.

Another part deals with health care, how a hospital was maintained, the
scientific work, health education, school healthcare, outpatient clinic and the 'Sanitary-Epidemiological' department .

general Cultural activities in the form of a reading hall, a library
(over a hundred thousand books were lent out during the period of the ghetto), the museum and the archives.

The various cultural associations in the ghetto, a Literary and Artists
Union, art exhibitions and the Workers auditorium are described.

The range of concerts, other performances and theatre in the ghetto.

The youth Club, and various sporting activities.

Social Welfare departments and Religious activities are described.

from the genealogical aspect there is a good index of approximately 300
names of people who were involved in these activities. Most of these did
not survive.

The book is very well illustrated with some original artworks eg by Samuel
Bak, that are reproduced to a very high quality.

At $16 this is a very reasonable price for a high quality book.

Saul Issroff
Lithuanian Holocaust Names Project
London and Jerusalem

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The address of the museum is The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum, Pamenkalnio 12, LT-2100, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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