Re: Need spelling that FHL in SLC uses for online search of records #galicia


A number of queries come into the Litvak SIG Discussion
Group about the current spelling of towns in Lithuania.
Just yesterday, Diane Jacobs asked for the spelling of
two Lithuanian towns in the Family History Library online

There are two important tables that contain the spelling
of Lithuanian towns which researchers should check as a first
step. I suggest that even if you don't think you need them
right now, bookmark these URLs for future reference.

The first, and more comprehensive, is LitvakSIG's
Shtetl/Uezd/Gubernia table, which you can find at:
<> This table
gives the current Lithuanian name of a town, along with
older names, including some Yiddish ones.

The second URL to bookmark is the up to date index of
Lithuanian towns for which there are Jewish microfilms
in the Family History Center. This will give the town
name and microfilm numbers. In some cases, even though
the film exists, and is in this index, it is not available yet
in the Family History Library online catalog.
This index can be found at:
<// >

Judy Baston, Moderator
LitvakSIG Discussion Group

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