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I have copies of the original Declarations and Petitions for Naturalization, summarized below, for those listed. If they are for someone in your family, please send me your snail mail address and I will send them to you.

1 Abraham Kronick nee Judelowitz Wife Ida *________

b.5/10/1882 Vilna,, RUS b.__/__/1887 ________,, RUS
m.__/__/1908ee ________,, ___
d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___ d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___

HPL: 10/2/1900 SS Southmark? Abraham *Yudelowitz (Russia, Wilna) A-7-250
18y m
Embark: Antwerp >from Vilno
/ / SS Karlsruhe Mersel Schenyne *Yudelowitz*b (Russia)

Nat Decl 25278 3/15/1913: Abraham Judelowitz 30y Operator
White, fair, 5'2" 115#, brown hair, grey eyes, no visible marks
b.5/10/1882 Vilna, RUS Last res.Vilna RUS US Eastern Distr Court NY
Emig >from Antwerp, Belgium on SS Southwark arr.10/3/1900

Pet #22870 6/5/1915 v.93 p.20: Abraham Judelowitz b.5/10/1882 Vilna RUS
NY Supreme Court Bkln res.**** 44th St, Bkln NY
Emig >from Antwerp Belgium 9/22/1900 SS Southwark arr.10/3/1900 NY Port
Wife Ida _______ 28y b.RUS
Julius b.1910 NYC, NY
Samuel b.1913 NYC, NY
Frida b.1915 Bkln, NY
Renounced allegiance Nicholas II, Emporer of Russia
In US since 10/3/1900 In NY since 10/3/1909
Speaks English, able to sign his own name.
Witnesses: Nathan Shalit dry goods 192 Norman Ave, Bkln
David Kronick butcher **** 4th Ave, Bkln
Name changed to Abraham Kronick 1/3/1916
Petition granted 1/13/1916 Cert 603003

2 Isidor *Judelowitz Wife Jennie *________

b.2/16/1885 Libau,, RUS b.__/__/1___ ________,, ___
m.__/__/1___ ________,, ___
d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___ d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___

Nat Decl 1425 12/1/1906: Isidor Judelowitz 21y Chandelier fitter
White, fair, 5'6" 145#, brown hair, brown eyes, scar 1st finger R-hand
b.2/16/1885 Libau, RUS Last res.Libau US Eastern District Court NY
res.56 Middleton St, Bkln NY
Emig >from Russia via Liverpool ENG on SS Umbria arr.12/10/1905 NY Port

Pet #10792 8/14/1912 v.44 p.42: Isidor Judelowitz b.2/16/1885 Libau RUS
Emig >from Liverpool 11/25/1905 on SS Umbria arr.12/4/1905 NY Port
Wife Jennie Judelowitz res.***-*** Manhattan Ave, NY 2 children:
*Lilie b.1909 New York, NY
*Abraham b.1910 New York, NY
Renounced allegiance Nicholas II, Emporer of Russia
In US since 12/10/1905 In NY since 12/10/1905
Speaks English, able to sign his own name.
Witnesses: Morris Bashman butcher *** Boerum St, Bkln
Mrs. Rosie Levenson housekeeper *** Manhattan Ave, Bkln
Petition granted 2/24/1913 Cert of Nat 328615 NY Supreme Court

3 Lewin *Yudelowitz Wife Lillian *________

b.12/27/1888 Riga,, RUS b.6/15/1889 ________,, RUS
m.__/__/1915e ________,, USA
d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___ d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___

Nat Decl 36577 2/13/1914: vol.74 p.77 1914: Levin Judelwitz 25y
White, dark, 5'7.5" 150#, black hair, brown eyes, no visible marks
b.12/27/1888 Riga, RUS Last res.Riga NY Supreme Court, Kings
res.461 Bushwick Ave, Bkln
Emig >from Libau RUS on SS Russia arr.8/29/1909

Cert of Arrival: Lewin Yudelowitz arr 8/30/1909 on SS Russia NY Port

Pet 45849 11/7/1919 v.184 p.249: Leon Judelowitz b.12/27/1888 Riga RUS
Emig >from Libau RUS 8/17/1909 on SS Russia arr.8/30/1909 NY Port
Wife Lillian ________ b.6/15/1889 ___ RUS 2 children NY Supreme Court
*Jerome b.1916 Bkln, NY
*Shirley b.1919 Bkln, NY
res.*** Willoughby Ave, Bkln NY Renounce allegiance to Russia
In US since 8/30/1909 In NY since 8/30/1909
Speaks English, able to sign his own name.
Witnesses: Bernard Shipp salesman *** Hopkins St, Blkn NY
David Tarnapolsky salesman 2** Whipple St, Blkn NY
Petition granted 5/12/1920 Cert of Nat 991113 5/12/1920

4 Paul *Yudelowitz Wife Rachel *________

b.8/15/1880 Mitau,, RUS b.__/__/1883 ________,, RUS
m.__/__/1904e ________,, USA
d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___ d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___

Nat Decl 17512 1/31/1911: vol.36 p.12 1911 Paul Yudelowitz 30y
White, fair, 5'5" 123#, brown hair, blue eyes, no visible marks
b.8/15/1880 Mitau, RUS Last res.Mitau NY Supreme Court, Kings
res.305 Chester St, Bkln NY
Emig >from Bremen GER on SS Rhine Arr ca.1/1/1899 Baltimore, MD

Pet #21613 2/19/1915 v.88 p.13: Paul Yudelowitz b.8/15/1880 Mitau, RUS
Emig >from Bremen GER 12/15/1898 on SS Rhine Arr ca.1/1/1899 NY Port
Wife Rachel Yudelowitz 32y b.RUS, 3 children
*Joseph b.1905 Bkln, NY
*Hyman b.1907 Bkln, NY
*Lina b.1912 Bkln, NY
res.**** Douglass St, Bkln NY Note at top "wants name changed"
Renounced allegiance Nicholas II, Emporer of Russia
In US since 1/1/1899 In NY since 1/15/1899
Speaks English, able to sign his own name.
Witnesses: Joseph Herman Seckler painter **** Nostrand Ave, Bkln
Hyman Miller painter *** Bates Ave, Bkln
Petition denied 5/15/1916 (No Cert # is shown)

5 Irving *Yudelowitz Not married

b.8/20/1892 Talsen,, RUS white, fair, 5'7" dark brown hair,
Painter grey eyes, no visible marks
d.__/__/1___ ________,, ___

Nat Decl #29706 10/13/1914 Bkln: Irving Yudelowitz 22y, Painter
b.8/20/1892 Talsen,, RUS US District Court, Eastern District of NY
Emig >from Liverpool, England Arrived NY Port 5/21/1905
res.323 Sheepshead Bay Road, Blkn NY

Petition #31492 4/18/1917 vol.127 p.142: NY State Supreme Court, Kings
Irving Yudelowitz, Painter b.8/20/1892 Talsen, RUS Not married
Emig >from Liverpool, ENG 5/3/1905, ship unknown Arr.5/15/1905 NY Port
res.323 Sheepshead Bay Road, Bkln NY
Renounced allegiance to present government of Russia
In US since 5/15/1905 In NY since 5/15/1905
Speaks English, able to sign his own name.
Witnesses: Abraham Marker real estate **** W 3rd St, Blkn NY
Josef Taffet grocer **** W 3rd St, Blkn NY
Granted 7/24/1917 Certificate 853B67

Stanley H. Judd Los Altos Hills, CA
Locations northern Lithuania and Latvia

MODERATOR'S NOTE: To fully protect the privacy of living persons, we have eliminated birth day and month >from dates after 1900, as well as street numbers >from addresses.

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