looking for lewison #lithuania

mccain <mccain@...>

Help !!!! , I have been searching for 2 years and have found nothing , what
am i doing wrong ???

My great grandfather, Abraham Lewison , was born in Russia . Dead family
members said my grandfather , Emanuel Lewison , came from
Jacobstadt/Jacobpils , now in latvia. Emanuel was born in aprrox 1853. He
married a Susan Harris in London in 1876 and his marriage certificate gives
his age as 23. Emanuel and Susan emigrated to South Africa. They lived in
Oudtshoorn and farmed ostriches. Both great grandfather , Abraham , and
grandfather, Emanuel used the surname Lewison.

Could Abraham and Emanuel be surnames rather than first names ???
Could lewison be a place name, perhaps where they came >from ???
Has anybody any ideas where i can find out about "My" Lewisons >from Eastern
Europe ???

Did they change their surname on coming to UK ??? , How could i find out if
this is so ???

Please respond privately.

Zoie McCain

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