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I have read with interest the comments about the need to donate money.
Obviously all the SIGs and Jewishgen itself need money to operate. The
SIGs and JewishGen run on both money and volunteerism. BOTH are needed
to continue accumulating and disseminating this wonderful body of

I have been offended more than once by well-meaning but boorish people
who have written me personally to suggest that I donate money when I've
recounted some small success due at least in part to what I've learned
here. I am also offended that some SIGs don't want donations of less
than $100. Some of us can't afford to give that much at once. Why
aren't smaller donations welcome?

In my own case, I "retired" some twenty years early due to a chronic
illness. I didn't have the time I expected to build a retirement nest
egg. My means are small, but my heart is big and I have the time to
donate when I am well enough. No doubt I am not the only one.

It seems to me that if we all donate what we can--both monetarily and
otherwise--that this project will continue to flourish. And may I
suggest that it is most improper for anyone to write another personally
to tell that that person to donate money at a particular time.

Thanks for letting me have my say.

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Barbara Sloan
New Haven, CT


MODERATOR'S NOTE: LitvakSIG welcomes all contributions, both $36 for yearly membership as well as other contributions to the General Fund. Because of the cost of acquiring and translating records for the All Lithuania Database (ALD, $100 is the qualifying contribution to a District Research Group that will enable a researcher to obtain Excel files of translated records >from that district in advance of the translations being submitted to the ALD.

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