All Lithuania Database: Seta vs Seda #lithuania

Stanley Judd <stanleyjudd@...>

I have extracted two sets of data, some time apart. On review, I find they are basically for the same people and >from the same archive
(KRA/1-49/1/12938). The earlier extract was a Box Tax List for Seta Telsai
Kaunas. The later extract was for Seda Telsai Kaunas. Ada Greebblatt
informs me that Seta is in Ukmerge, not Telsai. She further advised that
this archive is for Seta in the Ukmerge District and that she is unaware of
any similar records for Seda.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Before I revise my records it
would be helpful to know for sure whether the data are for Seta or Seda. It is also possible that there is an error in the ALD.

Stanley H. Judd Los Altos Hills, CA
Locations northern Lithuania and Latvia

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