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Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

This message is in regard to Stanley Judd's post of Tue, 10 Sep 2002 about
whether the records found in file number KRA/1-49/1/12938 are for Seta or
Seda and if there is possibly an error in the ALD.

The error is not in the ALD. According to the Kaunas Regional Archives(KRA) on-line catalog, the following towns in various Lithuanian uyezds all have 1877 box tax lists under file number KRA/I-49-1-12938: Anyksciai, Darbenai, Dauglaukis, Gargzdai, Gaure, Joniskis, Kavarskas, Klykoliai, Kraziai, Kretinga, Kupiskis, Luoke, Mosedis, Padubysys, Pajuris, Papile, Raseiniai, Rietavas, Rumsiskes, Salantai, Saukenai, Seda, Seta, Siauliai, Silale, Siluva, Skaudvile, Skuodas, Svedasai, Sveksna, Taurage, Ukmerge, Upyna, Utena, Uzpaliai, Varniai, Vegeriai, Veivirzenai, Veliuona, Vidukle, Vidzi, Vieksniai, Vilkija, Zelva (Pazelve), Zemaiciu Naumiestis and Zidikai.

So apparently there IS an 1877 box tax list for both Seta and Seda with the same file number and they are both in the ALD. This is not an error on the part of the LitvakSIG. When one does a search for Seta and Seda on Miriam Weiner's "Roots to Roots" Foundation database at
<>, an 1877 tax list with the file
number 12938 is listed for both shtetls. This was a revelation because I
did not think that it was possible for a document to have the exact same
file number for two different towns, let alone for towns in two different
uyezds. The classification of documents by fond, inventory and file number is the standard way by which archivists distinguish records >from one another.

But the ALD does distinguish between Seta and Seda in the town name field,
so it is important to look at the town name and not the file number. For
instance, the prominent 19th c. Seta rabbi, Meyer Mikhel son of Sholom
RABINOVICH, who was the ancestor of several LitvakSIG Digest subscribers
here, is in the 1877 Seta box taxpayers list of the aforementioned file
number. When one does a global text search for the words RABINOVICH and
Mikhel in the ALD, he shows up only where he should be -- in Seta -- and in the 1877 Seta box tax in particular. He does not show up in the 1877 box tax for Seda.

The bottom line is that the 1877 Seta box tax list in the ALD and on my
Seta website at
is definitely for Seta, Ukmerge district. The reason I know is because the names (both surname and given name) are repeated in other Seta documents and some of the people listed in it later immigrated to America and belonged to the Shatter society in New York. Not to mention the fact that these are surnames being researched by my fellow Seta co-researchers and me. Ironically though my own Grinblat's are not in it presumably because they were still citizens of Vandziogala, Kaunas uyezd, where they originated.

I hope I have cleared up any confusion.

Ada Greenblatt

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