ViewMate - AMSTIBOFSKI, SAYFER, GLASS, or KLEIN family #lithuania

Paul Gordon <flash@...>

I have posted two related photos on ViewMate. One is of a house in
Lithuania; the other is a closeup of the family members in the first
photo. You can find them both at

ViewMate Photo 1776 - The house in this prewar photo was probably in
Jurbarkas (Yorburg), Kaunas, or Ariogala, Lithuania. The house number
is either 35 or 36. Does anyone recognize the house? Can you tell from
the architecture which town it was in?

You can link directly to the photograph at:

ViewMate Photo 1777 - The likely surnames of the people in this prewar
photo >from Lithuania are AMSTIBOFSKI, SAYFER, GLASS, or KLEIN. The
people are probably the daughter, grandchildren, and in-laws of Maische
Leib FRIEDLAND of Ariogala. The photo was likely taken in Jurbarkas
(Yorburg), Kaunas, or Ariogala. Does anyone recognize these people?

You can link directly to the photograph at:

Please send any responses directly to me. And thanks for your help!

Paul Gordon
Washington, DC

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