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You aren't through in the US and ready to start in Europe if you don't know
the original name or where your family lived. Nobody in Europe will be able to help find Simon Sharpe-if that was not his name there. And where would you look? Even Lithuania can cover parts of what is now Poland and Belarus.

You need to check everything you can for information which might have the
original name. You are lucky if they lived in Nashua, NH when they first
arrived, as there aren't a lot of people there.

Have you checked city directories? My cousin didn't know where his
grandfather came >from or what the original name was, but they lived in
Syracuse, NY but died in Buffalo. I went to downtown Buffalo and got a
death certificate-Lithuania, like yours. Then I checked the 1880 census,
but they weren't there under the known name. I checked the city directory
and found the known people with a more 'Polish/Lithuanian' version of the
name, then found that family on the census. In an hour, I had answered both my cousin's questions and now his grandkids will have that information if they are interested.

You might find them in a history of Nashua or of whatever Jewish community
is there. You could find the original name in an obituary. You might ask
cousins-one might know-ask everyone connected to the family.

Have you found immigration passenger lists? Those might be in the European
name-as might Hamburg Passenger lists. If they said Sharpe in NY, they
might have said Shapiro (or whatever) on the ship before someone travelling
with them told them about 'American' names.

Unless you come up with the original name at least, you aren't ready to go
to Europe!

Good luck,

Sally Bruckheimer
Albany, NY

"Does anyone know how I would begin to trace roots back in Lithuania? My
husband's ggggrandfather, Simon Sharpe (I'm assuming his name was
anglicized - but >from what?) came >from Vilnius with his wife, Zelia Borofsky (or Borison) in about 1892 and settled in Nashua, NH. I have a lot of info on them after they emigrate, but now comes the part I've been
dreading...going back to the old country. I have no idea who/where to
contact. Thank you so much."

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