BLEKHER in ALD #lithuania

Jackye Sullins <jsullins@...>

I need some information >from those familiar with the postal bank records on
the ALD. I found a couple of entries that need further explanation. These
are the entries:

1909-Silale: BLEKHER, Gilia?, father Abram, 40 >from Kvedarna, wife Gite
daughter of Berel, 190 rubles.

1914-Silale: BLEKHER, Gita, father Berel, 45, maiden name GALIS, housewife,
daughter KAGAN, Rashe daughter of Ovsey, 400 rubles

1. What does the 1914 entry mean? Did Gita leave money to her daughter,
Rashe and was Rashe's father Ovsey?

2. The 1909 entry looks like the same family but the man's name is different as well as his father's. Can Ovsey and Gilia? be reconciled?

3. Silale 1858 revision list has an Ovsey whose father was Mordkhel so I
may have the wrong family BUT Ovsey's second name was Yavnel and I cannot
find that name anywhere. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any guidance listers might have.

Jackye Sullins
San Diego

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