The Rosenstockfamily in Sakiai #lithuania

Leif Rosenstock <leif.rosenstock@...>

To my question if Berel and Bertzik is the same firstname I have got three
answers ,which all confirms my guess,that it is so. I thank them all,and
have written to them.

My next question is.Can Jurbarkas be the wrong birthplace and should it be Sakiai ?? Perhaps !

Leif H. Rosenstock

MODERATOR'S NOTE: As he mentioned in a previous message, Mr. Rosenstock found that a Gersh Rozenshtok in 1907 was a taxpayer in Jurbarkas: he found Gersh age 30 and his father Judel age 50 and Judels father Bertzig. he also know that his family Rosenstock came >from Sakhi in 1878 to Lund in Sweden.

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