Help with names from the EIDB #lithuania

Stanley Judd <stanleyjudd@...>

Some time ago, I asked for help on location names. I have already directly
thanked all those who responded. This is a summary of their replies. I
have included the answers where two or more reponders agreed or where I could find confirmation for a response by a single responder. Please remember that the problem in some cases was discovery of too many different possiblities. In these cases, these identifications may not apply to your specific inquiries.

Please feel free to comment privately if you wish, my problems are not all

Stary Chutos - Probably Staryi Khutor (Old farmstead in English)
Stary Chutor - Staryi Khutor
Stara Zagore - Zagare, Lith 50 km N Siauliai 56.21N 23.15E WOWW
"old" Zhager, divided >from "new" Zhager by the Shventa River.
Grindu - ?
Betyn - Possibly Bostyn, Byel 56 km NE Pinsk 52.23N 26.45E WOWW
Paltaway - Poltava, Ukr 126 km SW Kharkov 49.35N 34.34.E WOWW
Bakischki - Probably Rokiskis
Rakischki - Rokiskis, Lith 139 km ENE Siauliai 55.58N 25.35E WOWW
Shogari - Possibly Zagare??
Rogowo - Raguva, Lith 88 km NNE Kaunas 55.34N 24.36E WOWW
Alternative Rogow, Pol 56km NE Poznan 52.43N 17.40E WOWW
Radan - Radun, Byel 88 km SW Minsk 53.27N 26.22E WOWW
Alternative Radom, Pol 101 km w Lublin 51.25N 21.09E
Iachar - ?
Regolli - Possibly Ariogala??
Alternative Rageliai, Lith 10 km S Roskiskis

Stanley H. Judd Los Altos Hills, CA
Locations northern Lithuania and Latvia

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